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Volunteer Info

Why is volunteering at Camp Arnes so great?

For over 65 years, Camp Arnes has relied on volunteers to help run all of our programs. Without people like you, this task would be impossible and we are so grateful the many volunteers who join us throughout the year. Volunteers at Camp are rewarded in countless ways – friendships, laughter and the joy of sharing Jesus with others. Thank you for considering becoming part of this fun and dynamic team.

We are always looking for more volunteers and would like to extend an invitation for you to come out to Camp Arnes as a volunteer. There are many areas of Camp that need extra help. That is why it is so important to have great people like you volunteering with us. You can volunteer as an individual or come out as a group to help out.

Summer Volunteers

Parents, do you want a taste of Summer Camp for yourself while reducing Camp fees? Volunteer for a full session/week while your child is at Camp and receive a 50% discount on one Camper's fees.

Licensed Nurses, EMT's, EMR's can get 100% off a camper's fee when you volunteer in our 'Camp Health Station'!

You'll get to know fun, welcoming staff and see why your kids love Camp Arnes so much. In your spare time, enjoy Camp meals, time on our beach, and join us for Lighthouse!

If you would like to volunteer at Camp Arnes or receive more information, please fill out an online application. For questions, please call (204) 338-4647 or send an email.

The Process
  1. Fill out the online application.

  2. We’ll send you information to get your background checks done and set up an interview.

  3. Once everything has been cleared and returned to Camp, we will set up your arrival date.

A great time to GIVE a little…
A little time, a little effort, a LOT of FUN!
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