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Come experience all the ways that Camp Arnes is “A Place to Grow!”

Camp Arnes is a “Place to Grow” while exploring nature’s playground. Rental groups of all types including churches, sports teams and musical groups have been exploring all this unique playground has to offer since 1949!

Located on the scenic western shore of Lake Winnipeg, Camp Arnes offers a serene location for groups to bond, learn new skills and techniques and to strategize as leaders. Over 20 activity options are made available along with unique accommodation options and an excellent Food Services team!

Retreat bookings are available from September to June for groups of 20 to over 300 people.


With cost effective package options designed with you in mind, we make planning your next retreat easy and exciting.

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Email our Bookings Coordinator for more information or call (204) 338-4647.

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Camp Arnes is an outdoor playground just waiting to be explored by you and your students! Classrooms, bands, choirs and leadership retreats have been coming to explore all Camp has to offer since 1949!

We offer a unique Camp opportunity with more than 20 activity options, both indoor and outdoor. From the budget savvy school to the teacher who needs a change of pace, we offer four very different packages that can be modified to fit your needs. Camp Arnes makes it easy to plan your adventure. In fact, we’ll even create your schedule depending on the package you choose.

Our programs are designed to stretch students into leaders through activities like our Initiative Task Course and bond classrooms through activities like our High Ropes Course.


For the music lover, Camp is designed to be a serene place to learn new musical techniques and conquer new vocal notes. Most of all, our programs are designed to grow students and teachers into a unified group working towards the same goals and objectives.


Camp Arnes understands that no school is exactly alike and, therefore, we work hard to reflect that in all aspects of your Camp experience. Through facilitiesactivities and even food selection, we make planning your next Camp experience easy and help make it a one of a kind adventure!


Email our Bookings Coordinator for more information or call (204) 338-4647.

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Welcome to nature’s classroom where your next adventure awaits!!

All prices are subject to change**