Deut. 30:15 ... love the Lord your God, walk in His ways, keep His commandments, that you may live...

Teddy Bear Camp
Ages 6-7

TEDDY BEAR is when our smallest campers are the biggest focus. They get the whole Camp to themselves for three days and two nights of fun! It's just enough time for kids to make great friends, try new activities and explore all the fun of Summer Camp. They will make amazing crafts at the Creator's Studio, play games in the water and enjoy songs at Fireside. These are just the beginning of the adventure that awaits your little campers.


Our first priority, of course, is to ensure that Teddy Bears are safe and cared for while having fun at Camp. That's why we have our staff dedicated to making sure campers are taken care of on their little adventure away from home. With our amazing staff caring for each campers' needs, your camper will feel how much God loves them and have the time of their life! Start off your child's Camp experience at our safe and exciting Teddy Bear Camp and get ready for the great stories coming your way.

Ages 11-13

CHALLENGER CAMP is all about pumped up energy, fun and excitement. Challengers get to try all the epic activities that Camp has to offer while making meaningful friendships and memories. Each day is filled with adventures like zooming down the Zipline, racing on a Pedal Cart and soaring over the lake on our Giant Swing. Campers get to experience our outdoor adventures like Archery, High Ropes, Kayaking, Paddleboarding and so much more!


Of course, the fun doesn't stop there! Every evening includes a live band, skits, games and an engaging speaker. Throw in a few Camp classics like bonfires under the stars and roasting marshmallows and it's the perfect way to spend your summer.


While fun and adventure is our aim, we also party with a purpose. Challengers are "challenged" by their cabin leaders to build confidence, charade and a strong relationship with Jesus.


Their uniqueness will be explored while they learn how to shine like Jesus in everything they do. Above all else, Challengers will get to hear about the love that God personally has for each and every one of us.

**Crew Camp is NOT running Summer 2022
Ages 15-17

This two week program at Camp really makes a lasting difference. Through CREW's work projects and caretaking, Camp receives fundamental services. Crew campers will learn a strong work ethic, valuable maintenance skills and tools to grow a deep and rich faith in God. Don't be worried, it isn't all work! As the saying goes: work hard and play harder. Crew campers get to join in on swimming, Lighthouse, activities and the wide games! At the end of the two weeks, members of Crew have grown together as a group and in their faith. Countless connections and friendships are made as the group works together as a team to overcome problems. To celebrate their hard work, Crew gets their own Bonfire Beach Party under the stars, reflecting on the lasting and meaningful impact they made. For those looking to build friendships, learn valuable working skills and develop their faith, Crew is the Camp for you!


WORK: Campers spend a chunk of each day doing work projects, volunteering in the kitchen, caretaking and other areas of Camp. They work alongside fun and caring staff who are there to teach them valuable and practical skills. Crew campers learn how to work hard until the job is done without giving up. They learn what it looks like to help others and use their own gifts and talents in a positive way. And when Camp is done, you'll be shocked at how much fun work can be!

Bonus... You can count your work hours at Camp towards a volunteer credit at school!


PLAY: You know what they say... work hard, play hard! After the day of work is done, campers join the rest of Camp for games, swimming, Lighthouse and activities like Archery and the Giant Swing. Of course we sneak in a few things just for fun during the work day too, like team building games and candy breaks. At the end of their two weeks, Crew spend a night under the stars to celebrate their hard work and growth.


RELATIONSHIP: Crew is where you find community like nowhere else. Cabin Leaders are always there for a laugh and to lend a listening ear. As campers learn to work as a team and get along with a diverse group of people, deep bonds are formed. Crew campers are taught to encourage and build each other up while appreciating one another's differences. After two weeks with your new friends you won't want to leave!


** Campers MUST return home on weekends between weeks **

Ages 8-10

EXPLORERS are at the age when they see the world through their imagination and can find fun in everything. At Camp, the world becomes a playground full of new things to explore. They get to climb up the High Ropes course, race around on a Pedal Cart and let their imagination run free in the Creator's Studio!


While they're busy discovering the world around them, they have caring Cabin Leaders looking out for them to make sure they are getting all that they need. Campers learn how to build lasting friendships in a safe environment that encourages creativity and celebrates their uniqueness. Most importantly, Explorers learn all through the day that they are loved and treasured by God.

Ages 14-15

STOKERS is a week of real connections, fun and freedom that will complete your summer. Here, teens can unwind for a week away from the regular pressures of life and learn how much God loves them. The week provides campers a chance to let loose and have fun!


Stoker Camp allows teens to make meaningful friendships and gain a deeper relationship with God. It is an incredibly inviting and inclusive environment with many opportunities for fun, relaxation and growth.


Although Stokers is pretty laid back, it's packed full of night games, Stoker activities and their very own lounge. Get ready for days of fun, years of friendship and the amazing opportunity to come to know the God who uniquely created them!

Leadership Training Program
Ages 16-17

LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM (LTP) is your final Summer Camp destination. The Camp Arnes Leadership Training Program is a four-week program designed to develop leadership and practical skills, strengthen one's faith and deepen one's love for God and His work. Throughout the program, you'll be challenged to know God, yourself, your peers and how to care for campers. Deep friendships are formed in LTP as you learn, grow and serve alongside others who share your passion for following Jesus and leading others towards Him. LTP members go through an interview process before they are accepted into the program and graduate with a leadership certificate to celebrate their achievement.


Whether you've been to Camp for many years or none at all, the LTP is a great step towards serving in Camp ministry and beyond. LTP gives you the perfect training to become a light of the world anywhere you go!


Visit our website for more information!


WEEK ONE - CANOE TRIP: A four day canoe trip of team building and getting to know each other in God's creation.


WEEK TWO - SPIRITUAL & LEADERSHIP FORMATION: Learn to let God lead your life in the context of ministry involvement.


WEEK THREE - CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP THROUGH SERVICE: Learn how to serve God while serving others in preparation for your practicum.


WEEK FOUR - MINISTRY PRACTICUM: Spend a week assisting in a vital role at Camp, getting hands hands-on ministry experience.


** Campers MUST return home on weekends between weeks **

If interested in an LTP Scholarship, please click here.

Day Camp
Ages 8-10

If you are wanting the experience Camp without the time commitment of sleeping over, then DAY CAMP may be a good fit for you. It's the best of both worlds with Camp adventure all day and a chance to sleep in your own bed at night. Day campers follow the schedule of Explorers with activities galore. They'll get to try Archery, the Giant Swing, Pedal Carts and so much more!


We love giving our Day Campers a chance to get out of the house, make new friends and get to know God through adventures in the great outdoors. They get dropped off at Camp right after breakfast and picked up at dinner, just in time to fill your evening with stories and excitement. Day Camp is also a great option if you live locally or have a cabin close by. Give your little camper an amazing first Camp experience with Day Camp!


*Transportation not provided by Camp Arnes.