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Deut. 30:15 ... love the Lord your God, walk in His ways, keep His commandments, that you may live...

Teddy Bear Camp
Ages 8-9

TEDDY BEAR is when our smallest campers are the biggest focus. They get the whole Camp to themselves for three days of fun! It's just enough time for kids to make great friends, try new activities and explore all the fun that Summer Camp brings. They will get to flex their creativity at the Creator's Studio, go for a ride in our pedal carts, and enjoy Camp's classic songs at Fireside. These are just the beginning of the adventure that awaits.


Teddy Bear Camp is a great option for kids who want to try our summer camp, but they might be too scared or nervous to jump into a whole week of our Explorer Camp. With our amazing staff watching over each camper's needs, they will feel how much God loves them and have the time of their life!

Ages 11-13

CHALLENGER CAMP is all about having fun and learning some amazing things while doing it. Each day is filled with a new adventure, building friendships, and creating lasting memories. Challengers get to select a skill to engage with daily throughout the week, being encouraged to learn from our various Skills Coordinators as they teach Campers how to stay safe, have fun, and grow in their respective skills.


The fun doesn't stop there! Most evenings include a Camp-wide game, a live band, and an engaging speaker. Throw in a few Camp classics like bonfires, roasting marshmallows, and some secret sneak-outs, and it's the perfect way to spend your summer. While fun and adventure are the goal, we also party with a purpose. Challengers are "challenged" by their Cabin Leads to build confidence, character, and a strong relationship with Jesus. Their uniqueness will be explored while they learn how to grow more like Jesus in everything they do!

Ages 15-17

If you are looking to do something this summer that makes a lasting impact, then CREW is the right place for you! It's a two-week program that allows you to go behind the scenes of Camp and get a little taste of working here. CREW is broken down into three parts:


WORK: CREW spends a chunk of each day doing work projects, volunteering in the kitchen, caretaking, and other tasks around Camp. They work alongside fun and caring staff who are there to teach them valuable and practical work skills. BONUS! You can count your work hours at Camp towards a volunteer credit at school.


PLAY: Throughout they day, CREW members get to play team-building games and have Tuck breaks, but the real fun begins when work is done! They get to join the rest of Camp in swimming, playing wide games, enjoying activities, and connecting in Lighthouse.


RELATIONSHIPS: CREW is where you can find community like nowhere else, working as a diverse team. They are taught to encourage and build each other up while appreciating one another's differences. Most importantly, they are taught daily about having a relationship with God, where they are reminded of His love and care for them.

To complete a registration for the C.R.E.W Program, you will need to send a mandatory letter of intent to This letter should tell us a bit about yourself and why you’d like to join the C.R.E.W Program this year. We will contact you with confirmation upon reviewing the letter. The deposit for C.R.E.W should not be paid until the acceptance email has been sent.

** Campers MUST return home on weekends between weeks **

Ages 8-10

EXPLORERS are at the age when they see the world through their imagination and can find fun in just about everything. At Camp, the world becomes a playground full of new things to explore. They get to climb up the High Ropes course, race around on a Pedal Cart, take a canoe out on the lake, and let their imagination run free in the Creator's Studio!


While they're busy discovering the world around them, they have caring Cabin Leaders who are looking out for them to make sure they are getting all they need. Campers learn how to build lasting relationships with their peers in a safe environment that encourages creativity and celebrates their uniqueness. Most importantly, they will explore the greatest truth: that they are loved and treasured by God!

Ages 14-15

Whether you know it or not, STOKERS is the week of fun and freedom that you've been waiting for! It's where exciting adventure meets authentic relationships. Your week will be filled with skills along with some Camp classics, like bonfires and swimming in the lake.


Stokers also get to talk part in our evening wide games and Lighthouse: complete with a band and a captivating speaker. On top of that, Stokers have their own lounge to hang out in and their own nightly events like the Stoker Coffee Haus!


Beyond all the fun, Stokers are focused on building deep, meaningful relationships with great people. Camp is a chance for Stokers to slow down and live in the moment, away from all the pressures of their world. In this space, you'll get to engage in face-to-face conversations with friends and Cabin Leads, giving you the chance to be heard and to hear how much God loves and cares for you!

Leadership Training Program
Ages 16-17  ** not being offered for Summer 2023

The Camp Arnes LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM (LTP) is a four week program designed to develop leadership and practical skills, strengthen one's faith, and deepen one's love for God and His work. Throughout the program, you'll be challenged to deeply know God, yourself, and your peers and how to care for campers. Deep friendships are formed in LTP as you learn, grow, and serve alongside others who share your passion for following Jesus and leading others towards Him. LTP trainees go through an interview process before they are accepted into our program and graduate with a leadership certificate to celebrate their achievement.


Once you've completed LTP, you may have the option to volunteer for two more weeks, which would complete an entire volunteer credit for your school and give you an opportunity to invest yourself in our mission and community.


Whether you'd been at Camp for many years or none at all, LTP is a great step toward serving God in Camp Mistry and beyond. It will give you the training to deepen your roots with God and help others do the same.


WEEK ONE - CANOE TRIP: Four days of team building and connecting with each other in God's creation.


WEEK TWO - SPIRITUAL & LEADERSHIP FORMATION: Learn to let God lead your life in the context of ministry involvement.


WEEK THREE - ON-THE-JOB-TRAINING: Half-week practicum in a cabin before returning for additional training.


WEEK FOUR - MINISTRY PRACTICUM: Complete your final practicum wit our Teddy Bear Camp.

To apply, complete a registration for LTP. Please prepare to have the LTP applicant fill out the LTP Application and References near the end of the registration process. Upon review of their application, they may be asked to come to an interview. A successful interview will mean the applicant is accepted fully into the Leadership Training Program for the upcoming year and will receive an acceptance email from our Summer Ministries Leader. The deposit for LTP should not be paid until the acceptance email has been sent.

** Campers MUST return home on weekends between weeks **

If interested in an LTP Scholarship, please click here.

Day Camp
Ages 8-10

If you are wanting the experience Camp without the time commitment of sleeping over, then DAY CAMP is the best fit for you! It's the best of both worlds with Camp Adventure all day and a chance to sleep in your own bed at night. Day Campers follow the same schedule as our Explorers with activities galore. They'll get to try Archery, the Giant Swing, Pedal Carts and so much more!


We love giving our Day Campers a chance to get out of the house, make new friends and get to know God through adventure in the great outdoors. They get dropped off at Camp* right after breakfast and picked up at dinner, just in time to fill your evening with stories about their days. Day Camp is also a great option if you live locally or have a cabin close by.


**Transportation not provided by Camp Arnes.

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