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Music Camp

Camp Arnes realizes that a Music Camp is very different from a regular Outdoor Education Camp. Thus, we offer a unique program for bands and choirs. The Music Camp Package is available from September to the end of May.


Included in Package:

  • 1 teacher free:25 full time attendees

  • Accommodations

  • Up to 13 Sectional Spaces

  • Meals and evening snacks

  • Camp Arnes Outdoor Educator(s)

  • Recreational Equipment

  • Pool time (four free lifeguard hours)

  • Janitorial services

  • Hayride(s)

Music Equipment Available:

  • Timpani (set of three)

  • Bass drum

  • Three electric pianos

  • 300 armless chairs

  • 50 music stands

2022 Rates

All prices are subject to GST and are subject to change without notice**

Email our Bookings Coordinator for more information or call (204) 338-4647 today to book your school retreat.

Schools are asked to:

  • Provide a supervisor to student ratio of 1:8.

  • Provide overnight supervision.

  • Provide a minimum of one supervisor for each activity class.

  • Provide basic first aid supplies and take responsibility for all first aid/health concerns.

  • Clear tables after meals.

  • Keep activity areas tidy and clear of litter.

  • Clean sleeping areas before departure.