Year Round FAQ

Is there Wi-Fi at Camp?

Currently Wi-Fi is available in the Dining Hall to teachers and group contacts only.

Do you accommodate allergies and special dietary needs?

Please see our contact our Bookings Coordinator for how we can accommodate allergies and other dietary needs.

Do I need to bring linens?

Linens are only supplied in our Cedar Lodge Facility for Rental Groups, not Outdoor Education groups. Check with your group contact to find out which accommodation has been assigned to your group.

How can I contact my child when they are at Camp?

Speak with your group contact as to what procedure has been put in place and what number you can call.

What activities will my child or I be doing?

All activities are selected by the group contact. Check with your group contact for activities selected.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Camp is not responsible for obtaining the required waivers for you or your child. Speak to your group contact to see what paperwork is required.

What do I need to pack for my child or myself?

Select the Spring Packing List, Fall Packing List or Winter Packing List depending on when you are coming to Camp. Please note that these are suggested packing lists and may not reflect your specific needs.

We encourage no electronic devices be brought to Camp as it is a chance to disconnect and create a memorable experience. Electronic devices may also be lost and aren’t always found as many guests and campers come though Camp Arnes each year. Speak with your group contact for exact specifications in regards to electronics.

Where is the nearest hospital located?

The nearest hospital is the Johnson Memorial Hospital. It is located at 117-7th Avenue in Gimli, MB; 21 Km south of Camp Arnes.

Who will administer my child’s medication?

It is the group’s sole responsibility to administer all medications and First Aid when needed. Should an incident occur when a group supervisor is not around, Camp personnel will make sure proper care is taken in a timely manner.

Where will my child or I sleep?

Please speak with your group contact for sleeping arrangements.

Where is Camp Arnes located?

Please visit our Directions to Camp page for the location of Camp.