Volunteer Reference

    Volunteering at Camp Arnes involves many hours of hard work, often in difficult conditions (adverse weather, hot kitchens, etc.) Any person serving at Camp Arnes is an ambassador for the Camp and for Christ. While we don't ask that volunteers share our beliefs, they must abide by our regulations and policies while they are onsite.

    Please be honest and thorough when filling out this reference form.

    General Information

    *Mandatory Field
    *Reference Name
    Reference Phone Number
    *Applicant Name
    Position applied for (if known)

    Narrative Report

    *1. How do you know the applicant, and for about how long?

    *2. How well does the applicant get along with others: peers, elders, etc?

    *3. Would you be willing to place a child under the influence of this person? And why or why not?

    *4. Can they be relied upon? Do they weaken in the absence of supervision?

    *5. Why do you think they would make a good volunteer for Camp Arnes?

    *6. Are you aware of anything that might hinder their ability to perform their duties?

    If yes, please explain

    Is there additional information that would be best communicated over the phone?