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  7. The South Cabins
  8. Broomball & Human Foosball
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The Office is the onsite administration building.

The Tuck Hhop is home to all manner of sweets, drinks,  souveniers and so much more.

The Dining Hall is a comfortable facility where all Camp guests enjoy fantastic food prepared under the direction of our Food Services Manager.

Our miniature golf course provides hours of enjoyment for people of all ages.

Poolball? It may look simple, it may sound strange but this game has got the attention of everyone.

Cedar Lodge is a comfortable facility for rental groups to use. Each of the 16 suites has a three piece bath and twin beds, making this the ideal facility for retreats all year long.

Who can resist a dip in the indoor heated pool or perhaps a relaxing spell in the hot tub? The Candace Derksen Memorial Pool offers all the best facilities for both Summer Camp and year round retreats.

Every camper knows that “Octopus Tag” is right up there on the list of fun things to do in their free time. The “Octopus” is a creative play structure that offer hours of fun for all ages.

The waterfront is a place to enjoy canoeing and kayaking in beautiful Lake Winnipeg. High quality equipment ensures a fun and safe experience out on the water. Also, nearby is our beach offering a fun filled splash out in the lake under the watchful eye of our certified Lifeguards.

Serve up a ball of fun on our beach volleyball court. Enjoy a rally with 2 or 3 friends or compete in a full-scale tournament!

The Wigwam is the main meeting place for campers and one of the options for rental groups. Inside this unique building you can hear some of the most incredible singing imaginable and listen to a dynamic speaker challenge you to soar to new heights.

The Studio is where campers have the chance to create all sorts of unique projects. Also, attached to this building is Flowing Well, a spacious, comfortable meeting place perfect for rental groups and retreats.

The Chalets are modern facilities perfect for rental groups to enjoy. Each chalet is composed of two units, with ample sleeping space and a three piece bath in each unit.

Poplar Grove is a two story, modern facility which was opened in early 1998. Its right spacious rooms and 1500 sq. ft. meeting area make it the ideal location for your school or rental group.

Nothing compares to looking down from 32 ft. above the ground and realizing just how far you’ve climbed. The Camp Arnes Climbing Wall is one of the most popular places at Camp and with good reason! State of the art equipment with qualified instructors guarantee safety and fun for this activity.

Dangle around in the air, take a walk across at 40 ft. up. Test your fear and your courage on the new High Ropes Challenge Course that’s sure to build confidence and trust.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than getting a bull’s eye on Camp Arnes’ extensive Archery Range. Archery is a blast for all ages and abilities.

Have fun playing in a scrimmage, a game of jump shot’s or just a casual round of shooting hoops. Play with two or three friends or compete in a full scale tournament!

Experience the thrill of ducking and diving weaving and winding as you avoid the splat of the paintball.
Learn teamwork, decision making and sportsmanship as you run around the field.

Get a chance to interact with all sorts of animals in Camp Arnes’ animal farm. Whether it’s petting a kitten or interacting with goats for the first time, this facility is guaranteed to provide a fascinating experience for campers of all ages.

Just try to rein in the fun you’ll have riding around on the many trails. Saddle up!