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Time Off

Camp work requires longer than eight hour days because we as Camp staff carry the total responsibility for the campers 24 hours a day.

During the Week

  • All staff are allotted some time off each week.
  • Allotted periods of time off vary according to the nature of the position.
  • Each staff member is responsible to Camp during their time off and is to use this time, first and foremost, for physical, emotional and mental rest.
  • It is expected that no staff leave Camp during any time off (Sunday 6:30 pm to Saturday 4:00 pm)

Weekend Time Off

  • Time off is from 4:00 pm each Saturday to 6:30 pm each Sunday (with the exception of Canoe Trip Staff).
  • Working in a camping ministry is very draining spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. It is vital that you get proper rest in all of these areas during your weekend off and during the week in your allotted time.
  • Making sure to attend church will help recharge you and prepare you for another week inspiring campers and staff.
  • Staff over the age of 18 may stay on Camp grounds for the weekend.