Summer Parent Information

Thank you for considering Camp Arnes! Here is some important information for you to know.

Registration Process

Please complete one form per camper per session online, by mail or by fax. Please send along payment in full or with a $50 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit per camper per session. Payment is due in full by June 1st (unless you have early bird registration, which is due April 1st) Cheques are payable to Camp Arnes. Post dated cheques are accepted on balance of fees only, not on full fees. NSF cheques will result in a $15 fee and cancellation of registration for that camper if payment is not received with additional fee within two weeks. All registrations received after June 1st must be submitted with full payment.

Online: Once you have submitted your form, you will get an automated email confirming it has been sent. Within two weeks you will receive a confirmation package by email. You may be asked to fill out additional forms before your campers’ arrival day.

Mailed or Faxed in: Please be sure you have completed all parts of the form including the medical number. Please also double check your fee information carefully. Please mail the registration to Box 40, Arnes, MB, R0C 0C0. Within three weeks you should receive a confirmation package by email. You may be asked to fill out additional forms before your campers’ arrival day.

Who should I make my cheques out to?
Make cheques or money order payable to Camp Arnes. Post dated cheques will be accepted on balance of fee only. Any cheque that is returned, due to insufficient funds, will be charged a fee of $15.00 and will result in cancellation of your registration.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations must be made a minimum of three weeks prior to the Camp Session. The fee less the deposit ($50+GST) will be refunded. If cancellation is less than three weeks prior to the session, no refund will be issued (unless a doctor certificate is provided in case of medical emergency). No refund will be issued for late arrival, early departure or dismissal due to disciplinary issues. Deposits and fees are non-transferable.

Getting To & From Camp Arnes

Traveling to Camp by bus from Winnipeg: The drop off point is the north parking lot of MBCI (173 Talbot Ave). Please have your camper there before 8:00 am on the first day of Camp. Please wait until your camper has been checked for lice and signed in. The bus will not wait if you are late. The bus ride to Camp has a fee.

Traveling to Winnipeg by bus: We encourage parents to come to Camp for the Visitor’s Day (see below) If this is not possible, busing is available. Campers who return home by bus from Camp on their last day, arriving at the 173 Talbot Ave location at about 3:00 pm. Please ensure you are there on time and have your photo ID ready, so we can ensure you are the proper pick up person for your camper. The bus ride to Winnipeg has a fee.

Traveling by car to Camp: Please drop your camper off at 10:00 am on their first day of Camp. There is a welcome booth set up where you will sign in your camper. Camp is 19 km north of Gimli. Please allow 90 minutes of driving time from Winnipeg or 70 minutes from Selkirk. Please do not leave without signing in your camper.

Traveling home by car: We encourage parents to come to Camp for the Visitor’s Day (see below). Campers can be picked up between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm.
*Day Camp and Ranch Camp times are different. See their pages for further information.

Please note: All campers will be checked for head lice by trained Camp Arnes Staff before boarding the bus or upon arrival at Camp. Any campers with lice will be returned to their parent/guardian and may re-register for an alternate Camp session without extra charge.

Visitor’s Day

Your whole family is invited to this fun event on Saturday (the week your child is at Camp)!  Arrive at 11:00 am to meet your camper and then enjoy a Parents Program put on by the campers at 11:30 am. Then join us for a barbecue lunch and the opportunity to have your campers show you around Camp.

Please note: If your camper is in Ranch Camp, there will be a Riding Demonstration at 10:30 am at the Corrals.

We ask parents to refrain from smoking while on the grounds and that all pets are kept on a leash.

Camp Life

Campers are organized into cabins with five to seven other campers of the same approximate age and gender, with one to two Cabin Leaders. Parents can request cabin mates, who will sleep in the same cabin and be put into the same activity groups. Cabin groups will be together when they eat their meals, do Bible exploration and are at Fireside/Wigwam. During activities, campers are split into groups of 10 to 16 with other cabin groups to meet and make friends with other campers. For the Camp wide game each evening, all ages of campers play one big game together.

Camper Care

Camper’s health needs are met above and beyond the standards of the Manitoba Camping Association. Not only is a qualified Nurse on duty during all Camp sessions, many of our staff are Red Cross First Aid certified.

First Aid supplies are kept onsite and administered by the Camp Nurses. Prescriptions must be in their original bottles or packages to be administered. If you have a medical license and wish to volunteer as a Camp Nurse, please visit our volunteer page. If your child should need a doctor while at Camp, you will be notified. Hospital and emergency services are located 19 km (under ten minutes) from the Camp. If any medication needs to be purchased for your child, you will be billed for the amount.

All beach and pool times are supervised by trained National Lifeguards.

All Cabin Leaders are also equipped with mini First Aid kits and emergency equipment is posted at central activity areas.

Homesick Campers

If your child is shy, please consider sending them with a friend. Although very few campers actually go home for homesickness, some shy campers have a better experience if they have someone they already know with them. We will allow homesick campers to call home, but we often try and stretch it out, if possible. Calling home sometimes increases the homesickness. Instead we will try to keep your camper busy and their mind on fun things at Camp. In cases of extreme homesickness, we will contact you to let you know what’s happening. If campers still have a hard time by the second day we may ask you to pick them up.

Cabin mates

Campers may request up to two friends to bunk with them. Campers must be of a same age and complete the “cabin mate request” section on the registration form. We will do our best to accommodate these requests.


Campers eat three meals a day, plus a snack in the evening. All campers partake in Tuck time, where they can purchase additional treats and snacks for the afternoon. We suggest sending $20 for daily tuck as they can spend $5 per day Tuesday – Friday. All food, except the Tuck Shop, is included in the fee. Food is served buffet style by our Staff. If your child has a gluten allergy or diabetic diet there will be a separate meal available for them. All other allergies will have an option within the meal that they can choose. We are a nut safe facility. Camp Arnes follows the Canadian food guide in planning a balanced and kid friendly menu.


Camp Arnes is an inter-denominational Christian Camp. Campers do about two hours of religious related activity a day. Each week has an engaging speaker delivering a message in Wigwam. Explorers enjoy Wigwam in the morning, while other campers do a Bible Exploration with their cabin. In the evening, Explorers get to hang out around the fire and sing silly songs, while the older kids have their Wigwam time. Our staff plans many fun songs with actions to really get the campers involved.

Camper Scholarships

Funds have been made available to Camp Arnes by donors for individuals who would like to attend Camp but cannot afford the entire fee. Click here for more information about camper scholarships, application form, etc. The form must be completed and returned with the registration form and a $50.00 deposit for each camper. Availability of funds is subject to donations.

Discounts Available

*Discounts do not apply to children in care.

Early Bird: If you register before January 31st, deduct $30 per child per session.

Family Discount: If your child and one or more of their siblings attend Camp Arnes, deduct $25 per child per session. To qualify for the sibling discount your children’s registrations must be submitted in one package. This discount does not apply to children registering through any agencies.

Volunteer Discount: Parents who volunteer for a full Camp session (in maintenance, kitchen, dining hall, laundry room or corrals if you have previous experience) will receive a discount of half a regular camper fee. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 204-642-4262 or email for volunteer information and availability. Please submit Camper Registration Form & Volunteer Application together. Camper Registration must be completed and submitted to proceed.

Nurse Discount: Parents who volunteer as a Nurse for a full Camp session will receive a discount of one full regular camper fee. Nursing credentials are required. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 204-642-4262 or email for volunteer information and availability. Please submit Camper Registration Form & Volunteer Application together. Camper registration must be completed and submitted to proceed.

Clean & Green: Our Clean & Green program is a fun and effective way to reduce camper fees!!! Your child will raise money which will help send other kids to Camp; the more they raise, the bigger the discount! $250 raised gets you $75 off and raising $1500 makes a regular Camp session free! See our Clean & Green page for more info.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!