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Rental only is the use of either a Chalet or Cabin for single families. The cost includes the accommodation and all meals during your stay.
The accommodations do not include bedding and bath supplies, please bring your own. As well, we are asking all families to bring hand sanitizer for their accommodation and camp will have it in all public places. You can book one time slot or multiple and if it is two in a row, you can stay in between the two for an extra fee (eg. Tues – Sun or Fri – Thurs). There will be day camps running for children age 5 – 15 during these times that are optional (cost extra).

RV Park/ Campground Rentals are open 7 days a week, please specify dates you'd like to book in the box below preferences. To see the camground legend with approx sizes for RV Park and Campsites click here.

Open registration is open to both types of rentals.

If you are open to alternate dates, choose up to 3 and then number according to preference:June 19 - 21(rental only)June 26 - 28 (rental only)June 30 - July 2 (open registration)July 3 - July 5 (open registration)July 7 - July 9 (open registration)July 10 - July 12 (open registration)July 14 - July 16 (open registration)July 17 - July 19 (open registration)July 21 - July 23 (open registration)July 24 - July 26 (open registration)July 28 - July 30 (open registration)July 31 - Aug 2 (open registration)Aug 4 - Aug 6 - (open registration)Aug 7 - Aug 9 (open registration)Aug 11 - Aug 13 (open registration)Aug 14- 16 (open registration)

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Please see attached PDF for list of accommodations and prices. First come, first serve, please choose 3 accommodations in order of preference

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*Will any children in your group be participating in Day camp (extra fee, please see Day Camp for more info and registration)

*Is your group interested in pool time(included)

Dietary/ Food Allergy Information

*Please see our allergy and dietary restriction policy. Indicate allergies below, please note we only guarantee accommodation for gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegetarian if listed.

Payment Method

As laid out in the Policy and Procedures notice (below) there is a $50 registration fee for securing your request. Full payment must be paid no later than 24 hours before your stay. If full payment isn't received you will forfeit your spot. Please specify whether you would like to pay only the $50 registration fee or the full amount. Please note that day camp payment will be taken off separately after filling out a day camp registration form.

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