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Each time a camper arrives at Camp, a new and unexpected experience awaits; campers have no idea the amazing journey they are about to embark on. God brings each of us to Camp to grow in ways we can only imagine, through fun, friendships and faith.

What incredible adventures will you have this summer? What remarkable new relationships will you forge? And in what extraordinary ways will you encounter God?

Kids come to Camp for many reasons, but the purpose God has for their summer will exceed anything they could imagine.

To your right you can browse and choose the program that’s right for you: from Teddy Bear Camp for the little ones to our Ignite Leadership Training Program; from adventures in a canoe, on horseback or on the paintball field, and everything in between. No matter what program you choose, you’re guaranteed to experience:

– Fantastic & unique activities – Deep & lasting friendships – Awesome food
– Biblical teaching & worship – Highly trained, caring staff – Did we mention FUN!?!

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The choice is easy: the same old routine, or the one-and-only Camp Arnes this summer! See you there!

New for 2020

Archery Tag:

For the first time ever Camp Arnes is introducing Archery Tag! It fuses dodgeball and archery together to make an epic game of team work, skill and extreme fun. First you’ll learn all the skills you need at the Archery Range before we switch your arrows out for foam tips, add a mask and bring you to the Archery battlefield! There you will be diving behind bunkers and working to protect your team mates from the other team’s flying arrows.

You will be challenged to outlast the opposition with strategy, teamwork and careful communication. You do not want to miss out on the incredible fun this new program will bring to your Camp experience. You’ll be itching to get back all year!