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Please indicate ALL weeks you expect to be available by checking the appropriate box(es). In the box below the dates, please indicate any days during the week that are you requesting to have off (for example, to attend a family wedding/ University course sign up etc). IT IS EXPECTED that ALL staff attend and participate in all aspects of staff training. If you are on the Summer Leadership Team, you are also expected to attend the Leadership Team Training week.

I am applying for Spring Staff (April 26-June 30, 2020).

Please indicate your top three preferences for the spring.

NOTE: These are 2020 dates and are subject to change to for 2021.

*Are you available all summer WITH NO WEEKS OFF (July 1 - August 29)?

If not, please indicate all weeks that you are available to serve:Leadership Team Training: June 18-July 1 (mandatory for all Leadership Staff)Staff Training: July 1-July 11 (mandatory attendance)July 13-18 (week 1)July 20-25 (week 2)July 27-31 (week 3)Aug 3-8 (week 4)August 10-15 (week 5)August 17-22 (week 6)August 24-29 (week 7)

Any other requests for dates off?

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*Staff under 18 must be a minimum of two years older than their campers*

*These Camps don't run every week, so please select other options.

Additional Skills (e.g. Music, Certifications)

Pay Grid

1st Year Staff 2nd Year Staff 3rd Year Staff Spring Staff Summer Leadership
$200/week $215/week $230/week $230/week $250/week

Check out our Support Raising program where you can earn up to an extra $600 a week.

Tell us about your past year?

*1. How have you grown in your faith and matured in Christ the past year since you have been at camp?

*2. What are two highs and lows that you've experienced this past year?

*3. Why are you interested in returning to
camp Arnes for another summer?

*4. What are some areas of growth for you heading into this summer?

*I am in total agreement and full compliance with the Camp Arnes Statement of Faith and Code of Conduct.

Camp Arnes Statement of Faith

I understand that being a Camp Arnes staff member means serving and cooperating with the Camp directors and other staff members as unto the Lord Jesus Christ. I commit to supporting Camp policies (ie. regulations regarding meetings, in-cabin times, regular working hours, code of conduct and behaviours), sacrificing personal desires, and sharing the reality of Jesus Christ in my life with campers, their families, staff members and visitors of Camp Arnes. Camp Arnes expects all staff members to be in arrangement with their Statement of Faith, Code of Conduct and to attend all necessary training sessions. Camp Arnes maintains the right to dismiss those who do not satisfactorily comply with policies and procedures.

I give permission to Camp Arnes for the use of any video and or photography in a promotional way electronically or hardcopy.

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