Spring Staff

Summer Leadership positions

Positions start May 1

Camps Leader & Summer Programs Leader
These leaders are responsible for all cabin staff and junior leaders. Reporting directly to the Director of Summer Ministries, these leaders oversee all staff and leaders responsible for providing the cabin residential experience, from cabin leading to activities. Both leaders positions work together to fulfill the summer camp goals and objectives. Time is spent in May and June preparing for summer camp, as well as staff and leadership training. Both positions are provided room, board and $300 per week in stipend as well as eligible for up to $600 a week in Share a days wage. Click here for the job descriptions (Camps Leader or Summer Programs Leader). Call 1-888-642-7618 with questions or email Max Ehrman.

Camp Arnes is a year round Christian Camp and Retreat Centre – we are always entertaining guests! As the temperatures warm up and the snow begins to melt, camp goes from being busy to really busy. In order to provide the best service for ALL our groups we need to hire additional staff; people like YOU!

Note: Please be aware that the area of service for the spring may not be the same as your area of service during the summer; unless you request a specific area. e.g. You may serve in maintenance in the spring but be a cabin leader during the summer.

Spring Staff: April 24 – August 31

Summer Staff: June 29- August 27