Rental Activities

A variety of recreational activities and equipment are available to your group. Many activities are included in your fees, some will incur additional costs. Take some time to plan an exciting retreat at Camp Arnes!

See below for a complete description.


High Ropes
How often do you get to swing from ropes, balance on wooden beams and free fall from 30 feet in the air? Our ropes course is great for personal growth and team building. Overcome your fear and give it a try.

Climbing Wall
Enjoy the excitement and challenge of our 32 foot wall with instruction and encouragement from our skilled staff.

Ready for the thrill of your life? Climb up over 40 feet, jump off the platform and zip along the wire until you’ve reached the bottom. It’s like nothing else we have at Camp!

There’s nothing more exhilarating than getting a bull’s eye on Camp Arnes’ extensive Archery Range. Archery is a blast for all ages and abilities.

The Giant Swing
Get a new perspective from the top of our Giant Swing! Just like a playground swing, except on a bigger scale, and a lake view that will take your breath away.

Trail Rides (May & June)
Experience the adventure of horseback riding on our scenic trails. The class begins with basic riding and safety instruction before heading off on the trails. Choose from our one hour or one and a half hour classes.

Pony Rides (May & June)
Children age five to eight can enjoy a leisurely Camp Arnes Staff led horseback ride in our indoor or outdoor arena.

Beach Volleyball
Serve up a ball of fun on our beach volleyball court. Enjoy a rally with 2 or 3 friends or compete in a full-scale tournament!

Good hand-eye coordination is needed to sink your opponent’s pool balls. Game play starts with two players positioning their pool balls on their end of the table. They then take turns throwing the game ball at their opponent’s pool balls, trying to sink them. When one player has sunk all of their opponent’s pool balls, the game is over and they are declared the winner.

Inflatable Arena
When you combine basketball, volleyball, soccer and a bouncy castle, you get the Ultimate Inflatable Arena. Tons of activities packed into one gigantic inflatable of fun!


Frisbee Golf
When you combine Frisbee and golf, you get the experience of Frisbee Golf, also know as Frolf. Experience light competition while improving hand-eye coordination throughout the Camp grounds.


Cross Country Skiing




Toboggan Run

Year Round

Indoor Saltwater Pool & Hot Tub
Our indoor saltwater heated pool has a dimension of 30X50 feet and a 99 person capacity. Certified Lifeguards are made available by Camp for an additional charge.

Human Foosball
Ever wondered what foosball would be like if you were the actual player? Try our Human Foosball Court set up for group play; two teams battling it out without the need of bar pushing or pulling on the outside.

Sumo Suits
Climb on into a padded suit and experience the thrill of sumo wrestling! Never heard of sumo wrestling before? No problem! It’s just like normal wrestling but you’re twice your regular size!

Tractor Hayrides
Enjoy a leisurely tractor pulled wagon ride through our scenic trails!

Ping Pong


Play Structure


*Activities are Camp Arnes staffed and may incur additional charges of $45/staff/hour.