Ranch Camp

The Camp Arnes Corrals are the perfect setting for an adventure of equestrian proportions this summer!  Our herd of four-legged friends are chomping at the bit to meet you and set out on the journey.  Check out your options below to find the Ranch Camp for you:

Ranch Camp

Ages 12-15, riders of all levels

There’s nothing quite like a week at the ranch at Camp Arnes.  First of all, ranch campers get their very own sidekick for the week, something other campers can only dream of!  This is your very own horse for the week: to ride, groom, saddle and feed.  Not only will you learn and experience life on horseback, but you’ll also discover what it takes to keep your new friend happy, healthy and in tip-top shape.

Ranchers also take part in the best of Camp’s stockpile of fun activities. Campers will spend half the day at the Corrals and the other half doing some of Camp’s exciting activities. From the Archery Range and Waterfront to the High Ropes Course, it’s all up for grabs!

From those just beginning their riding careers to folks with experience, there’s room at the ranch for riders of all abilities. Each day carries it’s own fun: miles of trails criss-cross the forest and they’re all yours to explore. The arena is the perfect place to hone your skills with games and riding lessons and rodeo practice will really help you show off everything you learned.  That’s right; Saturday morning you’ll get a chance to ride in front of your friends and family during Rodeo at the Ranch!

Double Ranch Camp

Ages 12-15, riders of all levels

Double Ranch Camp is for those campers who just can’t get enough of the Corrals. Instead of splitting time between the Ranch and the rest of Camp, these campers get to spend all their activity time with their four-legged friends. Riders can be beginners or experienced; loving horses is the only requirement.

Fun Facts:

-At all Ranch Camps, ranchers get a chance to cook their own pocket stews and s’mores over a camp fire.  Yum!!!

-Each day ranch campers go swimming at either the pool or beach (horses not included of course!)

-After a day of fun at the Corrals, ranchers join the rest of the herd at main site for free time, evening games and Wigwam!

-Every Friday at the Ranch, campers gather to camp out at the corrals and celebrate their week.

Riding Demonstration: On the Saturday of their week, your camper will have the chance to show you their newly learned riding skills! The Riding Demonstration takes place at 10:30 am at the Camp Arnes Corrals. Join us at the Camp Office after for the rest of Visitor’s Day.

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