Paintball Camp

Ages 12-15

Our field of play is located in the heart of the bush. With bunkers, forts and hideouts, the thrill of paintball just got a lot more intense!  Campers new to paintball at Arnes will love the tactical gameplay, the variety of games and the awesome setting amongst the trees.

When the paint stops flying, there’s still plenty to look forward to at Camp. For starters, paintballers make use of Camp’s state of the art Archery Tag system to get acquainted with the field before loading up with paintballs.  After the game, what better spot than the beach to wash off all that paint and kick back in the waves?  The Tuck Shop is open daily offering treats like Gobstoppers, which look a lot like paintballs!  After supper, the competition heats back up with Camp wide field games like Capture the Flag; this time no paintball markers required.  Before the day’s over everyone converges at the Wigwam where skits, music and a message from the speaker are a surefire favourite.

As if that isn’t enough, for the first time ever, paintballers get to join in on some of the other amazing activities Camp has to offer (when they’re not slinging paint of course!).

Fun Facts:

-Paintballers go to the paintball field everyday!

-The field location in the bush on Camp’s main site is a breeze to get to, making playing time longer than ever.

-Camp Arnes pioneered paintball in the Province of Manitoba.  We have years of experience safely running paintball.

-Paintballers are the only ones at  Camp who get to play capture the flag twice; both with and without paintball markers!

-Slingshot sidearms, bingo dabber “paint daggers”, long range paint grenades and smokescreens add to the experience.