Outdoor Education

September through June

Did you know that when you learn something in a hands-on way, you’re much more likely to retain it? When learning becomes an exhilarating experience in an awesome setting, how much more do you think you’ll remember?!? Camp Arnes’ second-to-none Outdoor Education Programs, facilities and staff will guarantee top-notch learning cleverly disguised as fun. Why teach in the classroom what can only be experienced in nature?

When you and your students choose Camp Arnes, we work with you to create the perfect schedule so you can strike a balance between full-out fun and learning that will last a lifetime. You choose what classes you want, and we’ll take it from there. Whether it’s Fall, Winter or Spring, there’s always something new to discover! Our programs focus on learning about the natural world around us, stimulating personal and team growth, building confidence and solidifying the experience with fun and adventure.

Imagine learning how to build an emergency shelter or a crackling campfire exclusively with what nature provides. The prospect of cooking delicious bannock over an open flame is a great way to encourage your students to learn fire building!   Are you looking to challenge students to step up? There’s nothing like our exhilarating zip line to take kids to the next level. Meanwhile, our top-notch high ropes challenge course allows students to push themselves individually or in teams to achieve what they could previously only imagine. Check out all our Fall/Spring and Winter activities here!

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