Ages 16-17

The Ignite Leadership Training Program is a unique, four week program for young Christian leaders who want to grow in their faith and leadership experience. Participants from all over the province, both newcomers and Camp Arnes veterans, make Ignite a strong community for developing leadership, teamwork and character. We strive to create a program where Ignites will be surrounded by other young leaders committed to growing as well.

Why Choose Ignite?

God wants us to be the best that we can be in any job or activity. Ignite doesn’t just want to create Camp Arnes Staff; we want to help you grow in confidence in any role (Sunday school teacher, coach, youth leader, small group leader, school body president). Ignite focuses on the importance of a deep relationship with God. With a good relationship, you’ll be prepared to take on any opportunity that comes your way.

Weekly Schedule

Week One Canoe Trip: A four day trip of team building and getting to know each other in God’s creation.
Week Two Service & Self Leadership: Learn to lead yourself as a Christian leader while serving at Camp in a hands-on and lasting way.
Week Three Service & Ministry Leadership: Learn about serving and leading at Camp Arnes while you prepare for your practicum.
Week Four Service Practicum: Spend a week assisting in a vital role at Camp to get on the job ministry experience!

Fun Facts:

-Each Ignite Program participant gets their own Ignite shirt for easy recognition.

-Ignite looks amazing on a resumé!

-Earn volunteer hours for your week of service at Camp.

Prerequisites for all Ignite participants:

-Made a decision to follow Christ and continue to grow in their relationship with God.

-Desire to grow in leadership abilities.

-Demonstrated love for young people.

-Ability to work well with others in a variety of situations.

-A keen desire to learn and teach.

-Lifestyle must be consistent with Camp Arnes’ standard of behaviour.

The Application Process

Make sure you have the following things completed:

-The Ignite camper application and Registration form.

-$50 deposit mailed in with the registration form (will be refunded if you are not accepted into the program).

-A Pastor/Christian Leader reference.

Once you’ve returned your Ignite Questionnaire and we’ve received your reference, you will be contacted to arrange a time for your Ignite interview. Please remember that filling out an application form does not guarantee you a spot in Ignite.

If you have any further questions as you are filling out the application or while you are waiting to hear back from us, please email the registrar or call (204) 642-4262.

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