Camper Registration

Important Registration Information

  • Space may be limited in some weeks. Please call to confirm.
  • If your camper has attended summer camp at Camp Arnes before, and no information has changed, you can fill out the Return Camper Registration.
  • Registrations must be submitted a minimum of one week prior to your chosen camp session. You will be contacted if your chosen session is already full.
  • Please complete one form per camper, per session.
  • Credit card payment can be made in full or a $50 non-refundable deposit per camper per session.
  • If registering after June 1st full payment is due.
  • Cancellation Policy: If cancellations are made three or more weeks prior to session, the fee less the deposit ($50 + GST) will be refunded. If less than three weeks prior to session, no refund will be issued (unless a doctor’s certificate is provided in case of medical emergency). No refund will be issued for late arrivals, early arrivals or dismissal due to disciplinary action. Deposits and fees are non-transferable.
  • Camper Scholarships may be available based on financial need. Please contact our office at (204) 642-4262 for details.

Thank you for choosing Camp Arnes!

Camper Information

*Mandatory field
How did you hear about Camp Arnes?
 Agency Camp Mailing Church Friend Mall Display Radio Website Parent attended Brochure from school School attended Camp Other

*Camper First Name

*Camper Last Name


*Mailing Address



*Postal Code


Age by December 31 of camp year

*Personal MB Health # (9 digit)

*Family MB Health # (6 digit)


Cabin Mate Request

(Both campers must request each other, be of the same age, same gender and same cabin unit- max 2 names).

Bring A Friend

Sign up a friend to come to camp on the same week as you and receive a $15 store credit as a Thank You! (Friend cannot have been to Camp Arnes before and cannot be a sibling, and two first time campers cannot sign up each other.)

Name of Friend

Parent/Guardian Information

*Parent/Guardian 1 First Name

*Parent/Guardian 1 Last Name

*Parent/Guardian 2 First Name

*Parent/Guardian 2 Last Name

If parents are divorced or legally separated, who has custody?

*Parent/Guardian 1 Primary Phone (including area code)

Parent/Guardian 1 Secondary Phone (including area code)

Parent/Guardian 1 Work Phone (including area code)

*Parent/Guardian 2 Primary Phone (enter N/A if no difference) (including area code)

Parent/Guardian 2 Secondary Phone (including area code)

Parent/Guardian 2 Work Phone (including area code)

*Primary E-Mail

Alternate E-Mail

Confirmation package will be sent by email

Social Worker Information

If the child is in foster care, the following information must be provided:

Social Worker Name

Social Worker Phone

Social Worker Fax

Social Worker Email

Agency Name

Agency Financial Department Contact

Agency Financial Department Phone

Alternate Contact Information

*If parent(s) /guardian cannot be reached in an emergency, please contact: (please give an alternate name & phone number)

Relationship of emergency contact person to camper

*Primary Phone

Secondary Phone

Work Phone

Church Denominational / Religious Background (optional)

Carpool Information

In addition to the parents/guardians, only people on this list will be allowed to pick up your child. Photo ID will be required by all (including parents) at pick up.

Health Information

*List any Allergies your child has including food and/or medication.

Reaction to the allergen and how it is handled

*Please list any MEDICATION your child is on, as well as the DOSAGE AND TIMES it is administered.

*** Medications MUST be in ORIGINAL PRESCRIPTION BOTTLES or PACKAGING. Bubble packs are encouraged and are free, ask your pharmacist. Medication NOT IN original bottle or bubble packs WILL NOT BE ADMINISTERED***.

Does your child have any of the following. (check all that apply): Asthma Seizure Disorder Migraines Bed Wetting

Any of the following needs that may require special attention at camp? PHYSICAL EMOTIONAL BEHAVIOURAL

If any of the above is checked, please specify or if your child will be attending with a support worker:

Please give any other helpful information for your child

You may receive additional paperwork which MUST be completed and returned to camp before application is considered complete.

Camp Arnes receives standing orders from a licensed physician. Should your child have a headache or become ill it may be necessary to give them medications that are administered by the camp nurse.
Please list any medication you DO NOT want your child getting from the nurse while at camp:

Medication Policy:
All prescribed medication must be sent in the ORIGINAL BOTTLE (please send sufficient supply with a few extra). All medications will be administered by the camp nurse. If the medication is not in the original bottle or the label is not legible IT WILL NOT BE ADMINISTERED. Any over-the-counter medication must be in the ORIGINAL PACKAGE and be accompanied by parent instructions.

Clean and Green

By raising money for Camp Arnes and participating in a city clean up on June 4th you can reduce your fees for the summer. More information is available here. Please email Larissa if you are interested in participating.

*Program Dates & Fees

Please choose one camp session per registration from. If you would like to sign up for multiple weeks please email Larissa after you have submitted this form.

Choose Program & Date
* Integration Camping Available (Integration = Special Needs Campers)
Teddy Bear Camp* (Age 6-7)
$ 204 (+ $ 10.20 GST)
Day Camp* (Age 7-10) No transportation provided
$ 204 (NO GST)
Explorers* (Age 8-10)
$ 405 (+ $ 20.25 GST)
Challengers* (Age 11-13)
$ 405 (+ $ 20.25 GST)
Stoker* (Age 14-15)
$ 405 (+ $ 20.25 GST)
Paintball (Age dependent on wk)
$ 489 (+ $ 24.45 GST)
Ranch (Age 12-15)
$ 489 (+ $ 24.45 GST)
Regular and Advanced
Canoe Trips (Age 12-15)
$ 489 (+ $ 24.45 GST)
Crew Program (Age 15-17)
$ 405 (+ $ 20.25 GST)
see additional information below
Block Party (Age 11-15)
$ 204 (+ $ 10.20 GST)

Additional Information for Crew

Crew campers are required to return home for weekends. They receive a free t-shirt (indicate size below, you will not be charged)! Areas they may be working in; Dining Hall, Kitchen, Maintenance, or Housekeeping.

Discounts & Pre-Order

Sibling Discount: For each child that has a sibling attending Camp Arnes, deduct $25.00 per child per session. To qualify for the sibling discount, all registrations must be sent at the same time. This discount does not apply to children registering through agencies or children in care not registered through an agency.
Please type the names of siblings
Volunteers: Parent volunteers, who volunteer for a full camp session, receive a discount of 50% (up to $199.50) off regular camp fees. Volunteer opportunities include maintenance, kitchen, dining hall, corrals or laundry. Please email Larissa Terry or call (204) 642-4262 for a volunteer application.
 I would like to apply to Volunteer
Nurse Volunteers:Nurse volunteers, who volunteer for a full camp session, receive a discount of 100% (up to $199.50) off regular camp fees. Please email Larissa Terry or call (204) 642-4262 for a nurse volunteer application.
 I am interested in being a Nurse Volunteer
*Transportation Needed: Winnipeg campers need to be at 173 Talbot on the first day of camp at 8:00am. Bus returns to 173 Talbot at 3:00pm on the last day of camp.
No transportation is available for day camps.
*Bus to Camp ($5
*Bus to City ($5)
*Pre-Paid Tuck No need to send money with your camper on their arrival day camp! Include the amount of spending money you wish your child to have at camp on this registration form and it will be added to their account. Campers can spend up to $5.00 a day (or $20.00 for Tuesday to Friday) on refreshments additional money can be sent for souvenirs purchases. Please do not send cheques with your child. Any unused money paid on credit card will be returned to the credit card on the following Monday, if it is over $10.
PREFERRED: Campers are then NOT responsible for their money prior to deposit.

*Pre-Paid Tuck Amount:

*Pre-Order your Summer T-Shirt for $ 15.00
No GST. Size isn't guaranteed if ordered past June 1st.
Select Size:
*Pre-Order your Survival Pack for $ 40.00
No GST. Includes a hat, water bottle and t-shirt.
Size isn't guaranteed if ordered past June 1st.
Select Size:

*Payment Method

Payment made by credit card will show up as "Lake Winnipeg Missions".

*Method of Payment
*Card Number
*Expiry Date
Name on Card (or Name of Agency)

*Payment Options

 Deposit now, rest of payment charged on either April 1st (Early Bird) or June 1 (Regular registration) Payment in full Sunshine Fund or Agency payment (note: this must be confirmed with the agency before the camper can be registered)

Deposit Amount (minimum of $50) (or Parent Portion of Agency Payment)
Provide Treaty Number for GST Exempt

Conditions of Enrolment

  1. The Director's reserve the right to dismiss a camper who in his opinion is a hazard to the safety of others, or who appears to have rejected the reasonable controls of the camp. If this occurs, the fee is non-refundable.
  2. I give permission to Camp Arnes to use photographs/videos of the camper for promotional material.
  3. The parents/guardians submitting this form are those having legal custody of the child. Conditions of custody, if applicable, must be fully communicated in writing to the camp.
  4. The parents/guardians, recognizing that Camp Arnes will do its part to provide qualified, well trained staff and a safe environment; agree to assume all risks, and to release, indemnify, and save harmless Lake Winnipeg Mission Camp Society Inc., its affiliated organizations, and its employees and representatives (on whose behalf this agreement is made) from injury, loss or damage that may occur to the camper or camper's property.
  5. The camper is covered by Provincial Health or equivalent medical insurance and this information will be provided to the camp.
  6. I agree to allow Camp Arnes to mail or email me correspondence pertaining to the ministry. I also agree to allow Camp Arnes to share my personal contact information with churches affiliated with Camp Arnes for the purpose of summer camp follow-up events and programs.
  7. All prescribed medication must be in the Original Prescription Bottle (please send sufficient supply with a few extra). All medications will be administered by the camp nurse. If the medication is not in the original bottle or the label is not legible It Will Not Be Administered. Please do not send non-prescription medication unless camper is on them on a regular basis (ie. Tylenol). Infirmary has a supply at camp for most situations and maintains general standing orders with a qualified physician.
  8. I herewith give consent for the camp administration to secure medial treatment in the event of an emergency. I give permission for the medical staff to administer medication. I give permission for qualified staff to administer an Epi pen if needed. I will notify the camp in writing if any change occurs in the camper's health within 6 weeks prior to attending camp.
  9. I have read this registration form and I agree to be responsible for the payment of all fees due to the camp.
  10. I certify that the information given above is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Note: this application cannot be processed unless the form is complete and a minimum $50 deposit per camp session is included.

* By checking this box I indicate that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of enrollment.

*Name of person signing

For more inquiries email our registrar.